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Greetings Pirate!Edit

Yo Pirate!
Yo! welcome to Sea of Fools Wiki, one of the fan fiction wikis based on the epic manga series, ONE PIECE. Thanks for your edit to the User talk:Zeon1 page.

Also checkout the One Piece Wiki...our home wiki about the series.

If you don't know what to do or are confused, check out

Sea of Fools Wiki Rules!

For further information and your convenience.

If you are still confused and need some more help, visit the talkpages of this Wikia's administration! The 4 easiest to get a hold of are

Pirate King Wyvern 0m3g4!

Welcome to the wiki! Let's cause a great deal of chaos together!

The Pirate Kings right hand man 13th madman!

Welcome aboard! Prepare for chaos! And possibly tea.

If you need help, come on down to the COOLEST guy on the wiki! Rukiryo!

If you have any Devil Fruit questions, ask the King of Devil Fruits! Otaku!

Yo! Here, have a bowl of fruit!

Be sure to leave a signature in their talk pages after you finish, so they know who to help, or to kill for waking them!!!

Enjoy yourself here! with a DON!

Also check out the Pirate Armada Council page! Meet the Pirates who help manage this chaotic sea!

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