Taiyou Taiyou no Mi
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Power: is the power to absorb solar radiation without being harmed or killed and then use it offensively and defensively; AKA Gain and draw power, strength and energy from the sun itself. and more.
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The ability to re-channel the solar energy which the body absorbs, by which they take the solar energy and use it for a variety of related purposes of uses. Such as:

  • Flight: ability to fly by propelling themselves through the air, by force of will, by generating thermal updrafts. Some have also refined this ability to be able to hover in the air without leaving a heat trail.
  • Thermokinesis: ability to project heat in intense waves when they absorbs and re-channels solar energy from any part of their body to raise the temperature. Some can also absorb heat into his body to lower the temperature in his immediate area. Some can also project and absorb heat directly into/from people, causing intense discomfort at their fluctuating body temperatures.
  • Self-Sustenance: ability to survive without food and sleep by surviving only on the sun's or any star's energy given.
  • Limited Photokinesis: ability to project light in intense blast of non lethal light, except for the eyes.
  • Enhanced Regeneration: ability to heal quicker due to cells gaining larger amounts of energy than possible by eating normal food from Earth to revitalize the cells and increase speed of mitosis. Will generally increase limit of cells created from mitosis due to the massive energy that the sun holds.
  • Enhanced Durability: Do I really need to say what this does?
  • Lunar Affinity: Absorb energy form the Moon, as moonlight is nothing but refracted sunlight. Although, The user wont be as trong with the actuall Sunlight.



The user suffers from standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.



This power was influenced on many things.

Although the picture implies that the user is a Logia, the user is not. The user is just coated in the energy that they are using.

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