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We are the Blackbeard Pirates[]

We are the Blackbeard Pirates, our job here is to keep you from you're Devil Fruit creations believable (at least in the One Piece Universe. Nobody enjoys reading about a Devil Fruit and thinking "This Fruit makes no sense" or "This fruit has to many powers" and our job is to prevent that feeling from happening.

The Blackbeard Pirates[]

The Blackbeard Pirates
Position User Blackbeard Pirate Counterpart Total Reward
Head Otakuknight 79 Shiliew Bsymbol.gif
Member 13th madman (Talk) Van Augur Bsymbol.gif
Member Zeon1 (Talk) Laffitte Bsymbol.gif
Member Bsymbol.gif

What we do[]

The Devil Fruit Council is here to help you help us help you to create a super-awesome Devil Fruit!!

  1. First off, we add the necessary categories to your Devil Fruit page.
  2. Sometimes, you guys don't name your Devil Fruit correctly, so we're here to help you re-name it and make it better or simply just capitalizing or adding puntuaction in ourselves.
  3. We comment on how great your page is and help you with your Devil Fruit by giving you some helpful suggestions (ie. strengths, weaknessess, attacks, etc.).
  4. We have to check to see that your Devil Fruit is not overpowered or godmodded.
  5. We'll be checking to make sure that your Logia type Devil Fruit makes sense.
  6. Last but certainly not least, we are here to make sure that no Devil Fruit allows the user to swim. That just defies all laws of One Piece!!