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We are the Red Hair Pirates[]

We are the Red Hair Pirates, our job here is to our wikia tidy and in order. Nobody enjoys reading a page and thinking "This is barely readable" or "The words make no sense" and our job is to prevent that feeling from happening.

The Red Hair Pirates[]

The Red Hair Pirates
Position User Red Hair Pirate Counterpart Total Reward
Head Rukiryo Benn Beckman Bsymbol.gif
Member Gourd Roger Lucky Roo Bsymbol.gif
Member Bsymbol.gif
Department of Japanese Translations
Position User Impel Down Prisoner Counterpart Total Reward
Member Davidchola2 (Talk) Emporio Ivankov Bsymbol.gif
Member AegisIsKing (Talk) Crocodile? Bsymbol.gif

What we do[]

  1. We are here to clean up your filthy messes that you Pirates leave behind! As we are the Sanitation Regulation Department!!!
  2. We remove any unnecessary cagetories from your pages to organize ourselves better!
  3. We regulate which category can stay in the wiki or not! We don't need another category of what we already have! And no stupid ones!
  4. Boy! Sometimes, we have a hard time reading your pages! We fix your spelling and grammar so you truly be able to share your creativity to others.
  5. We look through pages and see if they are a candidate for deletion.
  6. We punish those who break our rules or mess with our users and sent them to Impel Down. WE ENFORCE IMPEL DOWN!