Japanese Name: Mera Mera No Mi
English Name: Flame Flame Fruit
Meaning:Sound a fire makes when its burnig


Power: Become fire

Eaten By: Portugee$e D Cha$e

Portgas D Ace Formerly

Story / Creator: Inushima

Mera Mera No Mi is a logia class devil fruit that grants the user the ability to turn into fire at will as well create and control it. this fruit was first eaten by Portgas D Ace but 8 years after his death it was later picked up and eaten by Portugee$e D Cha$e.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

Being a logia devil fruit user he can transform in his given element which is fire he can also create and manipulate fire. The user is also is also resistant to hot temperatures. the user can only be hurt by haki or seastone and the user cannot swim . The user is also weak against akainu's magma devil fruit.