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A Touch of FateEdit

The young marine Lieutenant, sweating under the hot midday sun but still holding himself up proudly, walked purposefully with a small bundle tucked under his arm. His other hand held a chain that as trailing behind him and was tied around the neck of a a very colorful man who would be best described as a clown. But his appearance was not the most striking thing, it was the fact that hid feet were missing and that he was floating behind the Marine that truly caught one's eye.

"How much farther are you going to walk today," the clown moaned, his face drawn out and teary, "my feet hurt."

"We will walk as much as we have to, and how can your feet hurt, I'm the one walking. Just stop bugging me with your useless complaining Buggy."

"Well, I'm tired. I say we stop."

"We stop when I say we stop, now just shut up and float along in silence." Just then a purupurupuru sound would start coming out from the Marine's jacket as the Den Den Mushi he had on him would start ringing.

"Hello? This is Lieutenant Coby."

"Lieutenant, this is Lieutenant Brox from the 3rd Battalion. You are inbound with a prisoner, right?"

"Yes, Buggy "The Clown"."

"Well we have run into some problems here, so the Captain wants you to take him him back to Orange Town. A ship will arrive there soon to pick you up. We can't take him in any more."

"Back to Orange Town? But why? I just walked a.."

He would be cut in by the voice coming from the Den Den Mushi, "I am sorry Lieutenant, but those are your orders. That will be all for now." With that the Den Den Mushi would fall silent once more, leaving Coby both frustrated and a little angered.

Turning around, he would begin walking back the way he had come, Buggy floating behind him. "Come on, looks like we have a few more days of this to look forward to."

Buggy would just smile wickedly, a glitter in his eyes as he rubbed his hands together in anticipation. "Yes, indeed. Something to look forward to."