Hone Hone no Mi

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Power: Go and See.
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The user can protrude/sheath bones as weapons or use as a shield. Can generate instantaneous layers of bones under skin, even replace/repair bones that have been used or broken. The user has the ability to project an infinite amount of bones from body. The bones may have density changing abilities to be as hard as diamonds or as flexible and light as bamboo. Discharging bones as projectiles or throwing weapons are also possible, like boomerangs and bullets. Creativity in how the user(s) use their bones generation may be crucial to how the user uses it effectivitly.

  • Can discharge bones as projectiles or throwing weapons.
  • Can use bones as close-quarter to medium ranged weapons (swords, knives, drills, spikes, spears, etc.).
  • User can generate new bones to replace lost ones.
  • User can generate new layers of bone under skin.
  • Can use bones for practical purposes (grappling hook, shield, etc.).
  • User may be able to increase or decrease density, weight, flexibility of bones.
  • User maybe able to break ones own bones to fake injury like (arm, leg, spine, neck, etc.) you can heal after you damage them.
  • Dermal Armor (one develops armor-like skin.) made entirely of bone.
  • To decrease weight by hollowing out one's own bone structure, thus increasing agility and speed.
  • Give's user a healing factor because of said abilities.



The user suffers from standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.



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