???: The angel knows all, and he knows your sins.... A silhouette of a man is seen walking toward the men.

Man1: Son of a.....

Man2: How did he get in here!?!

The men look toward the man and see a bubbling substance come off of him, and behind him was a wall covered in the same thing.

Man1: You are a Devil Fruit User?

Man2: Lets get him!

Both of the men take out two heavy guns and start shooting at the figure, but he only kept walking towards them.

???: HHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!


The figure grabs both of their heads and crushes them in his palms, and he is seen.

Lixis D. Korosume: Just wait. I'm coming my dear.

Lixis looks at a picture in a frame with a smiling girl with green hair.

Lixis: I'm coming....

More men run into the room as Lixis is about to move on.

Man3: Lixis D. Korosume! Stop right where you are!

Lixis: I'd rather not.

Lixis's arm forms into a strange bubbling cannon.

Lixis: Spore Cannon.

A large blast of spores is sent toward Man4.


Man3 instantly blocks it.

Lixis: You are so obnoxious!

Lixis takes out a strange looking sword and slices with it at Man3 and Man4, then the slash becomes strange glowing spores.

Lixis: Adapting whip!

Man4 screams as the glowing spore eat away at his body, and Man3 yells in pain.

Lixis makes the spores go onto his hand and forms a giant spiked club, and then smashes the wall in front of him.

Lixis: Now where is that Tarken Isono pest???