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Hansuke Nodachi (野太刀 半助 Nodachi Hansuke?), born Honma (本間 Homma?) and known as the Reaper (刈り手 Karite?, OET Harvester, born August 9, 1922), is one of the primary combatants of the Purple Rose Pirates and a former Marine commander.

He is the only son of Marine Vice Admiral Nobuo Honma and the elder brother of Chihyo Honma, whose death caused him to join the Marines until it was revealed that it was his superior Captain Shilling who killed her.

He is the third member of the crew and the first to join after the two founders Jonathan Arleigh and Johanne O. Marley. Despite being a blind swordsman, he is one of the three strongest fighters in the crew along with Kwaito III and Momontaro Kurohata, discounting Jonathan as the captain and Johanne as his first mate. The aftermath of the Soviet Empire Arc gave him his present bounty of Bsymbol426,000,000 and was already a Demon-level pirate included in The Superstar Generation before that.


Hansuke is a tall man who stands a head taller than Jonathan.