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The East Blue Company is a logistics company that serves as the front for Yuki Karjalainen and Jean-Philippe Bonsoir's piracy operations in the Underworld. It is led by Bonsoir while Yuki serves as its head for operations. Curiously enough, the 15 main executives of the crew aside from the couple are all girls. The crew was established in Kaienreki 1930, during the height of the Underworld's business boom.

Their main ship is a civilian cargo one although it is accompanied by warships of various sizes. They also seem to be rivaling the Purple Ragtime Pirates-led Imperial Alliance in terms of steam and diesel-powered battleships.


There are thousands of members in the company, with only the top 30% more or less are qualified a combatant for the main pirate crew. Their manpower is estimated to be at around 100,000, the largest of any organization ever announced. Despite this, only 10% enter the actual crew as combatants and paramilitary forces. The company's 15 division heads, as mentioned earlier, are all female to the point that Philippe considered himself to be "turning gay".


There are 15 divisions in the crew, with both Yuki and Philippe as the two executive managers of the company managing them. Each division head has the title of either the "Executive Manager" or "Director".


Their crew was founded as the Karjalainen Company in 1930, and reached exponential success that started in 1939. However in 1945, a massive cover-up operation by the Marines dealt a hard blow to their crew. They went to reorganize and rename their organization into its present name in 1947.


  1. The executives' aliases follow the various names of ancient goddesses around the world.
    • The following were patterned after Devi, or Indian goddesses:
      1. Shachi is the goddess of wrath and jealousy.
      2. Lalitha is an alternate form of Tripura Sundari, the goddess usually associated with beauty.
      3. Radha is the goddess of fortune.
    • The following were patterned after Greek goddesses:
      1. Persephone is the goddess of the Underworld and the consort of Hades.
      2. Apate is one of the various deities associated with deceit or trickery.
    • The following were patterned after Egyptian goddesses:
      1. Tefnut is the goddess of moisture and the rain.
      2. Hemsut is the goddess of fate and/or destiny.
      3. Astarte is a Levantine goddess more known before Greek occupation of Western Asia and Northern Africa under the name Ishtar. She was celebrated in Egypt as the goddess of sexuality and war.
    • The following were patterned after Germanic godesses:
      1. Gersemi is the daughter of Freya and Odr. Her name means "treasure".
      2. Skaði is the goddess of winter, the mountains and hunting.
      3. Nanna is the goddess of joy, happiness and The Moon.
    • Ixchal is the goddess of medicine in Mayan mythology.
  2. They were named after the British East India Company, which traded with India and China and operated the largest army of its size in British history.