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Dorai Dorai no Mi
Dryad Fruit Transformation
Japanese Name: ドライドライの実
Romanized Name: Dorai Dorai no Mi
English Name: Dryad-Dryad Fruit
Meaning: Dryad
Usage Debut: ??
Type: Mythical Zoan
User: Artemis Grove

The Dryad Dryad Fruit (ドライドライの実 Dorai Dorai no Mi, short for "doraiado,") is a Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit; allowing its eater to willingly become a half-dryad or complete dryad at will. Like other Mythical Zoan fruits, the Dryad Dryad Fruit also bestows additional powers which relate to dryads; the legendary nature spirits which are strongly associated with trees. Fittingly enough, the fruit was eaten by Artemis Grove, a natural born tree herself, and the botanist of The Jolly Pirates.


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