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Buster Call
Buster Call
Japanese Name: バスター・コール
Romanized Name: Basutā Kōru
English Name: Buster Call
First Appearance: Fanon

The Buster Call Brigade, known by its former name Buster Call, is the most powerful Marine unit outside of the Marine Headquarters in the World of Gourd Roger. The unit was created 30 years before the current storyline, just after the merger of the Marine and Ground Forces that created the World Army. The special division was the first to organize ocean-capable steam-powered battleships.

Prior to being organized into a special division, it was a term that referred to the ultimate form of attack by the Marines.


The Buster Call Brigade's headquarters is located in Marineford, which used to be the site of the former Marine Headquarters and the G-1. They are led by a special Vice Admiral rank called "Senior Vice Admiral" (上中将 Uwa-chūjō?).

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