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Gourd Roger Gourd Roger 18 April 2018

Full "Bot" Mode

Just in case any of you guys who knew Wikia's slightly technical sides, there's a small hyperlink under the "Recent Wiki Activity" special page. This shows everything that was edited across all of this Wiki's namespaces such as the "Main" namespace (the ones you normally see on the Wiki Activity page) and the "File" namespace" (where your pictures and videos go).

So Gourd, what is the point of this post? Why are you posting this? Oh no.

Okay, okay. If you go to the "See all activity" hyperlink, you'll see all the shitload of "adding categories" I did. I'm already apologizing for this as well as the disappearance of some of your earlier edits. Why is this happening. I'm currently on a full "edit bot" mode for adding categories for images that…

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Gourd Roger Gourd Roger 16 April 2018

So Wikia is Broke. (OMFG So Scary!)

So Wikia is on coke. Their team somehow forced me to put their crappy VisualEditor from time to time although I already explicitly said that I will not adapt their feature for Christ's sake and here's my rant. Yep, I'm still being PC and "advertiser-friendly" here.

Before I said that, I've reverted my old settings back to my personalized settings with the "rich-text editor" and "use a blank page as default for creating a new page" as my preferred way of doing my things because it's the fastest without using my ol' AWB. I probably deleted that one while cleaning my computer of unnecessary files such as the images I already uploaded here for my fan fiction work.

Now here's the gallery of this site's problems.

First problem is this. Even One Pie…

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Dinoboygreen Dinoboygreen 27 November 2017

Guess Who's Back (Yet Again)!

  • hacks and coughs* Man, this profile's seen better days... Welp, no time like the present to start again Billy Idol style!

After much deliberation, as well as some reintroduction to the world of One Piece, I've decided to return as a writer for this fan website, and will be creating characters for a revamped version of my old series. Some characters will remain, while others will be replaced by new, more bizarre folk. Which is which, I hear you ask? You'll see! ;)

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Nobody700 Nobody700 29 September 2017

I'm back

Hey guys, guess who's back!

Hope you enjoy One Piece Legacies, my reboot!

BTW, major things in my life happened. Got a haircut, new sofa, and I got married. Oh yeah, I also got better at writing!

Also Discord

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13th madman 13th madman 13 June 2017

Gonna need another layout change..

You've almost certainly seen the new update by now. It's certainly not hard to miss. And between it and our current css the header's been turned into an ugly mess. I've put in a complain to central about this, but I've no confidence that'll change anything. So in the meentime we need to adapt our style sheet and background again to work with the new version.

Anyone got any ideas for what we should do?

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Caring16 Caring16 9 May 2017

one piece

bathing suit, enough said

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TrueKing3000 TrueKing3000 15 February 2017

Okay! Forreal this time!

Okay. I know I said I was going to make a comeback about... a year ago now? (Damn time flies.) but this time I mean it. New ideas from the new anime I've been watching. So yeah creative juices are flowing and I'm ready to blow (okay that sounds dirty, I need to stop.) 

anyway, yeah, February 15th marks the day the second generation is revived! (Aye it's my birthday!) I wish I could animate this series, that would be epic..  anyway, new characters, new villains, revamped chapters, new stories, and whatnot. 

I'm back! 

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TrueKing3000 TrueKing3000 13 November 2016

I guess it's time to make a comeback...

Well... I don't know if anyone missed me, or even noticed I was gone.. But hey... I'm back now, and I guess I have some new ideas.. Maybe.

Anyway, I'm back and have absolutely nothing to do so I May end up flooding the wiki with things stamped with my name.. All in all, I missed you guys, nice to see some new names as well as some old ones. (Wow I sound like a geezer.)

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Gourd Roger Gourd Roger 8 November 2016


Hey guys, what-cha doin'? Okay, so if anybody noticed why is my profile picture in black, IT DOESN'T HAVE TO DO WITH THE ELECTIONS, OKAY?! Okay. It's something deep and one of the central topics of my country's political scene. Please read this article for more details.

So here's the real topic. Some of you might have said "Oi, why are you talking about American politics? You not Merican!" but hey, people from all around the world are talking about this! Anyway, this is just a survey and your vote will remain anonymous unless you chose "Others".

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Gourd Roger Gourd Roger 15 July 2016

Nisekoi Ends Today (At least for Team Onodera)


If you are team Chitoge, please stay out of this post. I'M CRYING AS MUCH AS KOSAKI-CHAN IS DOING RIGHT NOW! Oh wait, wrong gif because it's still manga.

Okay, cut the drama. Since I'm the one who brought this discussion to the table and the reason why I came into another "hiatus" is this thing from June 24th. Let's get to the point a little frankly. The main page is as old is this wiki can get. Another problem is nobody is code-savvy enough (I copy and past my ideas like everybody else would) because the community is just too small since we have no affiliation with other fan-fiction wikis yet. So like the wiki redesign blog not so long ago, it will definitely be a process.

I only have a few ideas so far and the one that I can …

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Dinoboygreen Dinoboygreen 12 July 2016

Guess Who's Back?

Okie-dokie, you've seen the content, you've seen the potential....and then the man disappeared without a trace for a little while.

While I'd continue the series I have, you first deserve to know what's been going on and why I've been hesitant to continue with One Piece: Peace of Mind.

Well, to make a long story short, my Toshiba laptop (which I use for all my writing-related needs) got its laptop screen broken internally (don't ask me how that happened, I don't know myself, so I had to bring it in to be repaired.

The good news is that the guys I sent her to worked on her before when I accidentally broke the original hard drive (Again, don't ask, it's a long story involving a TF2 Scout that wouldn't leave me the hell alone, but I digress); and…

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Gourd Roger Gourd Roger 24 June 2016

Just Passing By

This is getting awkward.

No seriously. I'll be again on a break.

Say goodbye to this thing over here but it will just be a minor alteration, like a color change or something.

Since I'm a freelance designer myself, I just saw this little notch that some wikis dedicated to anime and manga series (One Piece and Attack on Titan wikis) already had good Main Page layouts, or even the original Ship of Fools Main Page. We also have a bunch of new members (Dinoboy, Otakuknight and Soul Wander) to consider. And yeah, in exchange of people who went inactive recently (Me, Aegis and Nobo).

For this reason, I have been planning to make a few changes to the main page to make it more pleasing while I'm away. I hope I can make a good idea that will complement …

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TrueKing3000 TrueKing3000 14 March 2016

Where'd everybody go?!

cue the sad hulk music..

Dear everyone, I have a serious question to ask...but first. *changes the hulk music into even sadder violin songs* ahh much better. Back to my question, where did everyone go? its so sad here without people. I'm cold and trying to worm myself up with something else. But honestly this is the only wiki I feel like I have enough freedom to express myself. I don't have that anywhere else. I try but I run out of ideas pretty fast and become an inactive ghost and return here but that's besides the point. I'm rambling now, but I miss everyone. From Nobody to everybody. (See what I did there? I mentioned an actual person and made it a joke.)

No laughs? Oh right, I'm all alone. *sits in a dark corner and cries tears of men*

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Gourd Roger Gourd Roger 27 January 2016

Where did the Party Go?

Nobody disappeared, and now I have to take this next advertisement. So, I just found out that Nobody700 didn't disappear at all, and he is just doing something. Again *speaks it out in Canadian accent*.

Introducing the One piece Wiki, spelled Wan pies but no, not the phonsite. It is the spam-and-egg (with rice for people like me) spinoff of the One Piece Wiki. So what do we do? Basically we troll because we don't keah. We filled the wiki with spam and trolling stuff. We even add unnecessary categories. So if you wanna be crazy with One Piece stuff or you just wanna wreck somebody's property, please pass by there.

As usual, the totally unnecessary Philippines-only disclaimer appears at the end of the commercial.


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Gourd Roger Gourd Roger 11 January 2016

The Silent Wind Blows...

After I have done my 100+ semi-automated bot edits to at least fill something within the recent activity page, it seems that... ugh, it's that time of the year again.

  • cues random YouTuber background music*

So yeah guys, Gourd Roger is back (third person much) from my vacation where I spent it at some particular comedy website. We have plans to talk about it with TrueKing3000 in the chat. However, it didn't happen. Again, I am visiting this kinda tumbleweed desert illusion of a website that hasn't seen much editing activity over the few months. After all those oggi maschios, falangs, Paul McCartney and Japanese anime speak, it seems that our other guys have been contributing to something else and only pass by here occasionally. Well, I am not…

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Gourd Roger Gourd Roger 21 November 2015

MOAR Design Proposals Galoar!!!

Steffy: Are we there yet?

Satchy (a guy): No, yet your spag top smells sweaty already.

Steffy: Come on, you suck at this!

A loud DON! sound comes from the computer screen.

Sorry to temporarily disturb your Netflix and Chill. Here's another announcement brought to you by Gourd Roger, LLC.

Steffy: No, no! Gourd. You again? F**k off or I'll kill you!

Gourd: Na-uh! Like last time, I am just a holographic projector because your computer is 3D-ready and good news, it does not require 3D glasses!

Steffy (whacks the hologram with a spear): No shit!

Gourd: Hahaha... come on! Don't be so hard on yourself! By the way, for all the viewers watching, here's my special message. Do you expect some wholesome interaction and family-friendly fun? Not because this is no…

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13th madman 13th madman 17 November 2015

Background Problem..

Well, as you've probably heard, we've now decided on the wordmark and the header, so we can get on with those. As for the background... well..

All of those got voted for. And they all got exactly one vote. Which kinda creates a bit of an awkward tie. We could redo the poll with just those, but unless somebody's changed their minds we'd just get the same result. We need a tiebreaker.. So uh.. Any ideas?

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Gourd Roger Gourd Roger 17 November 2015

Visuals Poll Results (not really)

Heeeey, goise! It's me again presenting our slightly formal guy's poll results. It'll be very short, so don't worry.

So it seems that there is nobody voting for the poll or they're undecided or incapable of understanding graphic stuff or whatsoever, so maybe the unofficial results as of this point may be released. While we can't decide about which background shall we use (nor the colorscheme has be decided yet). However, it seems that the wordmark and the header has been decided.

Headers 1, 2, 4 and 5 has been chosen to be the potential options that we can vote later.

Preguntas about this early poll result? Please leave them below.

Next blog post will be about further customization ideas and some of these will come from some other wikis, so watch…

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AegisIsKing AegisIsKing 13 November 2015

Wanted: Pirate Armada Council

It is the New Age. An unprecedented generation of pirates have spawned, as have alliances and underground organizations. In the wake of this chaos, the Pirate Armada Council reemerges. This council is an alliance of the world's most influential pirates. This council is a syndicate of freedom, a symbol of order amongst disorder. This council is recruiting—it shall be reformed, rebuilt upon its former glory. And when it's done, it will shake the world to its core.


The Yonkō

The Supernovae

The Canon Council

The Uber Council

The Devil Fruit Council

The Clean-Up Council

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Gourd Roger Gourd Roger 2 November 2015

A Little Category Change

This is a point where the wiki is unexpectedly inactive... or maybe I am just editing a little too fast (to catch up with the 3000 mark which I achieved last October 31st). So here's something that is not really a big deal, depending on how you understand it. This might be even an "I don't care" for some of you, but my actions lately may leave messages on my talk page from the admins wanting me to explain what did I do with such things.

Some of my last edits includes a creation of a new category called "Wiki Organization". So what is this category's use?

Almost (correct me if I'm wrong) everybody (including me) misunderstood that the "Organization" category is used for the fictional organizations we created in the time we had created our fan…

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Gourd Roger Gourd Roger 18 October 2015

Absence Without Leave

Hey people of the Sea of Fools! Let's just get this straight.

As the finals will be approaching, I will be inactive for the next four days starting tomorrow Philippine Time (Japan minus 01:00) in order to study. By the way, I'm not leaving forever and I'll pass by here occasionally. So to make you happy, here's one of my favorite scanlation group's greatest fails.

Since when wa​s Shingeki no Kyojin became Blue Exorcist?

So that's all folks and I'll see you again by Thursday.


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Vanguardmaster47 Vanguardmaster47 11 October 2015


Hi I'm new here. U guys can call me van. Um I'm kinda shy but I would like to know if anyone could do an rp with me where I meet chopper

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AegisIsKing AegisIsKing 10 October 2015

Just a Thought

Calibri is an awesome font, don't you think? I'm thinking of using it for all my pages now, especially for the pages. Just a thought.

On that note, I'd like to know what all your favorite font faces are. Random, but whatever.

Oh and I don't really have anything against Comic Sans so if that's your favorite, that's fine, too. I mean, hell, some people might not like Calibri. I don't know why, but that's just their opinion, so no helping that, I guess.

Aegis is the King! (Talk or Blog) 15:53, October 10, 2015 (UTC)
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AegisIsKing AegisIsKing 9 October 2015

A Change of Plans

Hey, Sea of Fools. It's been a while since I've last written a blog post, and honestly, it is pretty...awkward, I guess. Anyway, I'm here because I wanted to share a certain thought that has crossed my mind recently. So here it is:

I've been learning a lot about the history of Korea, where I live, and I've taken a particular interest in what happened from the late-19th century to 1945. It was, is, and always will be one of the most tragic moments in Korean history, when the Japanese Empire invaded and colonized us, slowly but surely killing off every last bit of our Korean heritege. And we're not the only ones out there: Manchuria, Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, and even parts of China all suffered from Japanese occupation.


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Davidchola2 Davidchola2 8 October 2015

On the Establishment of a Poll: Part II

I write here in regards to the previous post wherein I, Davidchola2, proposed change in this website's visuals and duly presented a few suggestions to incentivise some discussion of the topic.

A great many responses have led to the current text I am writing, and I do so in hopes of settling whatever issues were left unfinished, as well as creating a popular vote to determine which, if any of the changes proposed, may pass, and perhaps, in the time to come, be established.

Please leave a comment stating that you are a voter, to tally the total number of voters and determine if any results favour the majority. That way, if you choose not to vote, those may also be tallied to ensure fairness in this poll.


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Gourd Roger Gourd Roger 6 October 2015

Pasinaya: The Sea of Fools Elite Ten Council

So this is what I spent all this time. "Pasinaya" means "first view" in my language if you're asking.

The Sea of Fools Elite Ten Council is a half-joke, half-serious yet fully fan made (based on this manga and anime series) and unofficial status given to the top 10 "powerusers" of this wiki who have edited in this wiki anytime this year. Your edit count is based on this special page and this another special page, so don't be surprised if you have much more edits than what is written in your profile. Here's your guide on the "generations":

  • Generation I - The "Original Generation", joined in 2012
  • Generation II - Joined in 2013
  • Generation III - Joined in 2014
  • Generation IV - Joined in 2015

You can look at this page if there are changes to the list. Blo…

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Davidchola2 Davidchola2 1 October 2015

On the Renovation of the Website's Visuals: Part I

Edit: Voting has commenced. Please follow this link to cast your vote, according to the instructions.

I come, by this means, to propose a renovation of the looks of this Wiki. In these past few moments, I have worked on finding and creating new possible backgrounds and logos for the Wiki, so as to renew its visuals.

This website is many years old, and, although a partner site to the Ship of Fools Wiki, it has a smaller community and has kept its look for a long time.

I believe the current background of the world map to be unpleasant, perhaps because, in its moment of implementation, it was made to be temporary, until a better one succeeded it. However, that time has not come.

And so, I write here in hopes of beginning a discussion on changing …

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Gourd Roger Gourd Roger 24 September 2015


Sorry to interrupt your Netflix and Chill for you guys there. Here's a very short announcement from the Propaganda division of Gourd Roger, LLC.

Warning: Major spoilers coming right up!

Gourd: It's official!!!!! Now it's time for SPAAAAMM!!!

Guy: What the heck? Are you the guy who's stalking couples for porn?

Girl: He's not from Pu-oh shit!

Gourd: The fuck are you saying? No! I'm just an advertising hologram. So here it is...

Gourd mindfucks everybody.

Gourd: This is the reason to celebrate because... *cue Bee Gees music* It's Straw Hat Raise the Bounty Bars Day!!!

Background noise: Ah-ah-ah-ah Stayin' Alive! Stayin' Alive! Ah-ah-ah-ah Stayin Alaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaa-aaaaaaa-aaive!!!

Gourd: Shut up! This will make me dance in random! You forgot this is …

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Nobody700 Nobody700 19 June 2015

2000! WOOP WOOP!

2000! Articles! That's 1,999 more then I thought this wiki would get! We should celebrate!

now some fan service!

I'd get male fan service, but I'm scared of the stuff I found, so here's a consolation prize.

To celebrate, pop up your favorite article in the comments that ISN'T YOURS! LET OUR FRIENDS KNOW WE LOVE THEM! (Even though we despise all of them... Yes... You... I hate you.)

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Nobody700 Nobody700 12 June 2015

How Nobody made a movie (part 1)

<A movie executive is reading One Piece Second Generation on his computer.>

Movie Executive: Holy crap, this True King guy is amazing! I love his stuff!

Nobody: I came to kick ass, and make a movie... And I'm all out of ass.

Movie Executive: Who are you?!

Nobody: I'm Nobody700! Ever heard of me?

Bob the movie executive: Yeah! You're the guy who ruined True King!

Nobody: No I didn't! That was Zeon!

Bob: No, Zeon is the second best! Then Gourd!

Nobody: What's mine?

Bob: The worst. No one likes Tack!

Nobody: Screw you! I want to make a movie!

Bob: Fine, what's the premise.

Nobody: Okay, it's all about an evil cult, who takes control of a resort with the help of an ex marine. The crew must stop them, save the people, and have fun!

Bob: So what makes it spe…

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Nobody700 Nobody700 10 June 2015

Owl moon is back?! You lie! Wait... What's Owl Moon again?

Guess what, Owl Moon is back! Previously, Owl moon died because of budget problems (A.K.A, the author didn't give a hoot.), but now... IT'S BACK! More shall be answered in June 12!

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Gourd Roger Gourd Roger 2 June 2015

Navibox Fix

Hey, guys. For those of you who need to change their navibox templates (definitely not you TK or Nobody700), the Navibox template is fixed. However, you need to enter the personalized colors manually by entering your desired hex color code valued on the backcolor and textcolor parameters.

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Kaido King of the Beasts Kaido King of the Beasts 25 May 2015


Hi guys,

So I'm sure you all know I haven't been releasing chapters very often anymore; I'm lucky if I get to write one in a week. School has been pretty pressing with finals coming up and I haven't been able to spend enough time on this wiki to write stories while working on the other wikis I'm a part of (namely One Piece Wiki...) Overall, it's severely impacting my writing ability and when I do get the chance to write, I've struggled to do so.

So because of this, I've decided to take a ~1 month hiatus to finish school and because I'm going on vacation in June. Hopefully afterwards I will have enough time to finish Ghost City and pave on The Second Piece toward the future.

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AegisIsKing AegisIsKing 11 May 2015


Okay, so it's been a couple of really hectic months, and I think I'm getting things on track, so...(prepare for the bad news)...I'm back! The first thing I went and tried is actualy starting up my series for once, but as usual... I have no idea when, where, or how to start. I mean literally, I'm stuck between vague ideas and structural stuff.

Now, I know for a fact that I'm gonna be starting off with a revolution, when Aegis (the protagonist) starts seeing the bloodstained history his country (and later, the world) is stading on. But here's the problem: I don't know how I'm going to build up.

The reason for this is...well, because I'm writing a novel. And One Piece isn't a novel... (I try copying some elements off of One Piece either for inspi…

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A Request

Hi everyone!

Whew, I'm really enjoying writing this current arc. I hope y'all are enjoying it as much as I am.

Anyways, the main point of this blog is a simple request. HUGEO'S INFOBOX IMAGE SUCKS! It gets the job done, but I'd like something different. Hugeo is not completely the whiny brat from A New Dawn anymore. Also I'd like his hair to be shorter. If you have a good picture that meets the criteria that would be great :)

Also, be on the lookout for the next installment, where an integral feature of One Piece will appear...

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Kaido King of the Beasts Kaido King of the Beasts 11 April 2015

SBS and Stuff

Hello everyone,

I never thought I'd make it out alive, but the Voyage to the Black Isles arc is complete! Now it's time to sail into adventure! I'm not going to reveal what the next arc will be about just yet, but one hint: Western.

Anyways, this blog is the first Second Piece SBS blog! Ask any question about the Second Piece, and I will answer it to the best of my ability. For now, sayonara!

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Nobody700 Nobody700 11 March 2015

New Arc & SBS


Now, I've been off for a while because I have a life (WHAT?! A LIFE?!) that requires me to do stuff. Meanwhile, I have some interests, like Spartacus (Awww yeah, that show is da bomb!) and Jungle Fury (The pinnacle of evil? CHEATING ON YOUR GRAMMAR TEST!). So, while I'm watching these shows, having a life, and generally doing things to make my life nice (Must... End... Winter), I need some help.

An arc idea. I have but two ideas! One, is a marine battle royal, to decide a new position (Yes TrueKing, rub it in), and another, is where the Attack pirates meet up with an alliance of ruffians, and must stop a marine force, along with meeting a new crewmember. These ideas will be enjoyed very much.

So, have a nice time. Now…

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AegisIsKing AegisIsKing 9 March 2015

A More Integrated Wiki

I don't know if I'm weird (I probably am) or if I have a serious case of OCD, but I have this urge to organize stuff... Which is why I end up dividing paragraphs every two sentences, or make my own templates and infoboxes.

Anyway, that was just a crappy little introduction with some background info and whatnot... The reason I'm writing this is to propose a more Integrated Wiki. Sounds fancy. Or not. But all it really means is that we should compile the articles we've written, and organize them a little bit. Like so:

  • Articles with the same titles can be organized into a disambiguation page. For example, if several articles share the title "Mera Mera no Mi," we could create a page called Mera Mera no Mi, which redirects to Mera Mera no Mi (Disamb…
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Gourd Roger Gourd Roger 27 February 2015

Navibox Update

*Me walking in a suit and passing by awkwardly preparing to be stoned in public...

I'm here again for an another blog post. This time is it's all about the Navibox update. I have copy-pasted the new source codes from the OP Wiki. Now we have a good and a bad news. Pick which one you want to be the first.

The good news is your navibox templates can be closed now, making the page to be a little shorter on the scroll bar space. However, it depends on the vertical length of the navibox.

On the other side is here's the bad news. For those who've applied the color schemes (like me), they're pretty f*cked up by now. You cannot see any colors asides from the default black text, white background and blue links.

I'm telling this to you guys now because I…

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AegisIsKing AegisIsKing 2 February 2015


Can't think of the right name for a female protagonist.

I was originally gonna have Chihiro be the heroine, but I kinda have this OCD problem, so if there's a ninja/samurai, there has to be a knight. So I made Cecil, but both their names start with "C" so I changed his name to Drega, and now I completely regret that since it doesn't fit a protagonist. So I'm thinking of scratching Drega, going back to Cecil, and keeping Chihiro...except they won't be the protagonists.

So the thing is, I'm having a hard time coming up with a decent, girl name (that isn't Japanese, like Chihiro, or common, like, Jane or something). If anyone has a good suggestion, I'll buy them a smoothie (Yes, I is talking to ya EVIL EMPEROR KING FURHER DICTATOR PRESIDENT SUP…

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Gourd Roger Gourd Roger 16 January 2015

Preparing for Venus Skin

Just heard this over the OP Wiki that the Wikia Staff are making a new article style called Venus Skin. Please click on that link for more details about the new format so you'll say I'm not talking sh*t since I'm bad with explaining details in a lengthy, boring and classroom-like conventional storytelling of the Legend of Hitler and the WW2 on the old History Channel. So now, to make things serious, try how does it run on any wiki article by adding this to the page's URL.


Let's try this on some articles here, like Jonathan's article or Kent's article which are heavy on templates (Nobody has no problem with that since he only uses templates on the Toriki Fanon Wiki and not here). See how those templates get under DAT BAR ON DA …

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Nobody700 Nobody700 1 January 2015



SO WHAT DO WE DO?! Do we waste this year?!


We use it! As a whole wiki, we must create a new event! A great event! We shall use every used to create... A ONE PIECE ABRIDGED ROLEPLAY! ANYONE CAN JOIN! THE RULES WILL BE SET UP, AND ANYONE CAN JOIN!

Why not help! Any veterans or new users accepted! ANYONE! Yes, even you.

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Gourd Roger Gourd Roger 26 December 2014

New and Upcoming Wiki Project

I had been up to several things right now; Checking Facebook for updates, reviewing for exams while it's supposed to be a season of calm and fireworks, visiting all the wikis (including the Sea of Fools first of all), watching videos of GTA 5, shrugging with all of those Hallmark comments, speaking Filipino in an English language wiki, watching movies on TV and halfway making a lengthy 300+ pages of a novel and I have to do it all at once just for these few weeks of no classes. So I can't believe I'll add another thing to do with myself since I'm making another project which is the Gourd Roger Database Wiki, created December 26 in East Asian Time but that does not mean it can be visited already because it only has one page there which is t…

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Nobody700 Nobody700 25 December 2014

The Night Before Pirate Christmas

It was the night before Christmas, and on the Traveller, not a pirate was stirring, not even a hyperactive Tack. All the cozy little pirates were tucked in their hay, and instead of a tree, they made one of Freya's swords a tree. Malk made cookies for santas, but Tack ate them. So he made them again. And again. And again. And again. After a near fatal case, Tack stop eating cookies. All the pirates were resting, dreaming of tommorow. Tack dreamed of a new pair of slippers, meat, a new yellow jacket with black spots, and maybe a cyborg powered by awesome. Freya dreamed of a thousand enemies, a new sword that shot lasers at people, and a cute red coat that matched her shoes. Zozo dreamed of a comb, a new gold looking jacket, and a toothbrush…

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AegisIsKing AegisIsKing 28 October 2014

New Editing UI

Is anyone else offended by this?

A few problems,

  1. I can't edit this seemingly "complicated" table. I think the Roundy Template is the problem.
  2. I can't insert wiki code like . I'm too used to typing that instead of clicking "B" or "Link," since I have to edit in source mode anyway.

Though I do like the new design, it's pretty cool.

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AegisIsKing AegisIsKing 21 October 2014

About Devil Fruits

The concept of the Devil Fruit weakness in One PIece is based on this "sea devil" that grants you supernatural powers in exchange for being unable to swim. But Oda probably did this because One Piece is a pirate story, and that being the case, the world is full of sea water.

But the story I'm working on now is more of a medieval thing, kinda like Don Quixote (not Doffy). So we're not going to be anywhere near water, at least for most of the part. That got me thinking, this whole water weakness is almost pointless :p

And then I watched Dracula Untold (spoilers, it's crappy). Silver, huh. It burns the Devil. So I thought, maybe I could make it so that Devil Fruit users are weak to silver. It'll make them go crazy whenever they see it, and it'll b…

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Gourd Roger Gourd Roger 17 October 2014

New Batch of Proposals

Since I am focusing more on designing characters rather than making stories, I am already on my way on assigning the three admirals admirals of my universe. This is why I am proposing my design for them.

The main purpose of this blog is to prepare my self since I will create an another original devil fruit (after the Shuso, Jurei, Chiku and Guma (Model: Badger Mole)). Now my next Devil Fruit is for my fleet admiral named Mutsuhiro which instead of having eaten the Hie Hie no Mi, I will rather have him eaten the Zoku Zoku no Mi (Shiver Shiver Fruit, not to be confused with the Paramecia-type Ship of Fools fruit), a somewhat Logia-type fruit which enables him to control cold air instead.

I was confused whether the cold air fruit is better as a…

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TrueKing3000 TrueKing3000 9 September 2014

New Member

Hi everyone! Today I wanna ask you, if I should add a new member to The Gear Pirates. I feel as if they need someone to balance them out. But is won't be adding them until after the Time Skip. I have a list of characters that I could add, but I'm unsure if they would get along.

The characters I might add include

Cana Le'Blanc (Page included)

Silver The Creationist (Page Included)

Or my mystery character. (Page Included) The identity of this character will remain a secret. But the story for him/her is kinda shocking. There will be no spoilers.

I feel like this post is just a giant tease and you all are gonna chose the mystery.

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Jakyou Jakyou 3 September 2014

Bloody Chat!

Sooo it appears the majority of the Chat's are down for some reason so Here!

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TrueKing3000 TrueKing3000 24 July 2014


Umm...pirates of the sea! I call upon thee for guidance. I have a request. Does anyone know If Eneru is dead? Ya see, cause I want to use his devil fruit but I'm not sure if I can. I look it up and it said he's on the moon. After that, nothing. He could've died and no one would know. Which brings me back to asking am I able to use his devil fruit for another character?

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